sad story
15 November 2011, ϟ 0 shout(s)

It all started off when i gave my heart away to this wonderful, beautiful guy. Even by writing this, it breaks and tears me deeply. Once we lose our first love, it feels like there's nothing left. When you're young the whole world feels like its floating above your head, and wait! then comes to this thing called LOVE!

Talking about love, it can take forever. Happy and sad teardrops would be your best friend. It can either draw a life for you or just end your life. Falling in love can take just a second but falling out of love takes up your whole life. First love are always so, very powerful with all those emotions and feeling that you share. Feeling like you're standing on a mountain and watching these beautiful scenery. Watching laughter and smiles growing above on all those rainbows. Hope? it'll be there. But when it rains the rainbow disappears leaving you behind without a single dot of feelings.

After all those chapters of sunshine. It just fades slowly. Killing you more and more. Making you lonely, sad and depressed. Crying all by yourself. Listening to that loneliness. NOTHING! just pain and suffocation. There's no room to breathe anymore. Even your last goodbye wont leave you at peace. Cause that loneliness will be forever following you. :(

Broken pieces of a barely breathing story where there once was LOVE. now there's only me.

And that is how it all ended .

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