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Isn't it funny how at some points in your life, you think that everything is going so perfectly well and yet it always ends up badly? You spend hours trying to figure out why you're doing it all wrong all the time, why you always end up broken. You must be doing something wrong, obviously.

It is said that through life, you make mistakes, time passes and you eventually learn from them. In my case, it's the total opposite. I keep making mistakes yet I never learn.

What is a tear? Is it just a drop of water which comes out of our eyes? Is it just a drop of water gliding down the aisle of our cheek to reach the chin? Is it just a drop of water which escapes for freedom and takes the plunge of death from our chin till it hits the floor? Or is it something else? Something beyond what words could ever describe? A tear is a feeling, an emotion. It is not released by our eyes or our mind. It is released from somewhere much stronger, yet too sensitive. From deep down in our hearts.

But what causes our heart to release this tear? A broken arm? A broken leg? Or the broken heart itself? When the heart releases a tear, it does not mean that we are weak or we can't hold on any longer. But it means the total opposite. It means that we have been strong and struggled for way too long and it is time to let go. Let the past be the past and let the present guide us to a better future. A future, hopefully, with no mistakes, no pain, no tears, no heartbreak.

So here is a life lesson to anyone who might be reading this. A lesson which might lead to a simpler life with as less problems as one could ever face. A fact: The minute - no, let me rephrase that, the second - you start to care, is the moment you start getting hurt.

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