today I smiled again :)
25 Januari 2012, ϟ 0 shout(s)

Who knew that I would fall in love with you? Who knew that I would smiled again to love thanks to you?... It was an exciting day for me, I was finally going to make the admition test to my dream school. Never thought that you would be there, and that YOU, just you, was going to be the person for me to fall in love with. I finished the test, I turned back, and there you were smiling and talking to me. I didn't really cared about our romance in that time. Sometime later we started talking to each other. I felt we would just be good friends, but no, it changed. We fell in each other arms, hearts, and minds. We talked through the whole day and part of the night, we fought for each others romance, we never really thought that we both would fall in love with each other. I wait for each night for you to fall asleep, I get my shield and sword, so I can protect you from the night monsters. I sleep little, but I'm awaken by a message of you wishing me a great day, which makes my whole day better. And still I thankful to God for putting you in my way and I shall ever be, cause with you I just living a whole new paradise, and what it is left to live...

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